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"We have carried the reliable BD Loops line since 2005, without incident. We are pleased to represent their products and would recommend their product to any installer, at any level of experience."
- Beetle Bailey, Sales Consultant, Bob’s Distributing, Inc.

“It was an easy decision to use the saw-cut version (of your loops) when they became available. My crews appreciate the ease of installation using the install kit and wheel, and I appreciate the fact that they are durable and reliable.”
- Jack Vermeulen, Marin Fence Company

“National Automated Solutions did 53 installs last year and couldn’t have done it unless we used saw cut loops from BD Loops. The difficulty and time it takes to saw cut and run loop wire in any finish grade material is a thing of the pas as far as we are concerned. It makes no sense to do things the old way when there is a product out there like BD Loops that will save you 30-45 minutes on each loop install.”
- Douglas Palenchar, CEO, National Automated Solutions, Inc.

“First of all, the loop products are first rate and the quality far exceeds the competitive products we had tried previously. The loops are easier to install, the directions straight forward, and the support material very helpful. Most importantly, to date we have never had a failure of a BD Loop! Also the install kits and E-Z Detector Checker are excellent tools which we have available on all of our trucks. We now feel our loop installation processes are second to none and are very pleased with our strategic alliance with BD Loops.”
- David T. Schlesinger, Service Manager, Controlled Access Consultants, Inc.

“I reluctantly sold my first BD preformed saw-cut loop, I volunteered to go with the install crew as extra help, I was thinking “This saw cut us going to have to be perfect in order for the loop to fit.” I did not express my concerns to the install crew, I did not want to spook them. Anyways I grabbed up my BD Loops install kit, and BD install instructions and followed the installers to the job-site. Long story short – both install crew and I were dumbfounded as to how easy and fast this loop went in, saw-cut does not have to be perfect as loop is adjustable, all of the guess work is removed from installing. Loop worked perfect, personally I will never hand wrap another loop. Any day you learn something new is a good day! I highly recommend BD preformed saw-cut loops to anyone considering loop installations.”
- Troy, Industrial Gate Devices

“We enjoy your design because it haves us valuable time. We average about 30 minutes of saved time per loop. Doing 3 to 4 loops on a job saves us about 1.5 to 2 hours. At the cost of having two men, a truck and a saw-cut machine in the field, the time saved makes using your loops close to free. Since we are putting in a better product, we expect to receive less repeat service calls. In fact, we have never had a BD Loop go bad. Your saw-cut kit, with easy to follow instructions, allows an apprentice to install loops by himself. This also saves us a lot of time.”
- Tom Genda, Fence Medic

“Their loops have consistently increased my sales for a variety of reasons, including the innate up sell factor that comes from helping meet my dealers' needs with the product line. BD Loops always gets our orders (large or small) out swiftly and without error. We can count on my orders being accurate and complete. We have never had a BD Loops “go bad” or be defective. Period.  BD Loops stays on the cutting edge of service. They keep an up to date website with great installation instructions and product guidance. We would not consider buying direct burial and saw-cut loops from any other source but BD Loops!”
- Jeremy Riddle, Account Executive, R & S Automation - Northwest Division

“I was impressed with the durable outer jacket of the saw-cut loops. The template kit was very helpful for the installation, especially the ones in the concrete. The time we saved on the installation was huge. I had a question on splicing the loop wire and tech support had an answer and called us back in under 20 minutes. Thanks!”
- Justin Jares, Jares Fence Company, Inc.

“Over the last three years we have been using your preformed loops without a single failure. Our experience with other loop deigns has ended up costing us lost profits in repeat service calls and in some cases we had to saw cut new replacement loops at our expense. Our installers are also very appreciative of your easy-to-install design and the completeness of your instructions. The advanced features of your product has saved us a lot of money by reducing the man hours required to install and by the face of not having to make repeated service calls. Switching to your preformed loops has greatly improved our bottom line profits.”
- Richard Sandoval, Access Department Manager, Windsor Industries

“In order to stream line our sales/installation processes and improve quality we will now be using BD Loops for all installations. They are an extremely reliable/durable product and help decrease the chance of error during installations.”
- Kevin Frain, Project Manager, Wallace International

“It has been close to five years that I have been selling your loops. I want so say that in all that time we have yet to have a failure. That is a remarkable track record, one that saves us a lot of time. It is so nice when a customer calls saying they are having a loop problem, I’m able to tell them it’s not the loop, but to look for something else causing the problem, It always turns out to be the something else. Your product is just that reliable.”
- Richard Martinez, US GATE SUPPLY II

“Here at Byan Systems, we changed over to your loops two-and-a-half years ago. Since then, we’ve heard nothing but good things from our dealers and distributors about the BD Loops.

Your clear instructions, simple installation, and soild reliability have helped us satisfy our customers-and build our bottom-line profits!”
- John Boreczky, President, Byan Systems, Inc.

“Last year we sold over 200 gate systems and a large portion of those systems were sold with your BD Loops and to this date we have not had any returns.

In addition, your EZ Detector Checker has saved us valuable time in production checking our systems before they ship out.”
- William A. Rodwancy, President, AutoGate, Inc.

“We have been installing your detection loops for two years now and have not had any problems with them. This is the first product in this industry that we have had zero failure with. The reliability has been remarkable. In addition, the overall design saves us installation time, which has saved us money.

All of the customers for whom we have installed your loops have been very pleased with their performance. This certainly enhances our professional status.”
- Aaron Dixon, Owner, Amazing Gates of America, LLC.

“Our Customers like the reliability and the ease of installation. We have not heard of one of them failing. The variety of size make them a good choice for most installations. Also, the support you have extended to us on our open houses and other events definitely add value to carrying your products as a staple item.”
- Roberto Arroyo, Distribution Manager, CPSG Albuquerque

“One main factor in determining quality is customer satisfaction. We have not had one complaint from our dealers about BD prefab Loops not performing as expected. Here, at Eagle Access Supply Co. Inc., we will continue to offer our dealers the highest quality prefab loops available."
- Eagle Access Supply Co. Inc.

“Your preformed loop product has been very well received by our customers. The dealers like the design that makes it easy for installation and we have yet to experience a failure or return, which is unheard of in this industry.”
- Danny Klein, Regional Sales Manager, Gates and Controls

“I am writing you to let you know how happy we are to be selling your loops. In the past 5 years I had no returns or product failures. You have a 100% reliability track record with me. Our customers really like the fact you package your products with an installation kit. It saves them time on installing. I like the fact your instructions are precise and to the point. This saves us a lot of time on support calls.”
- Bryan Morgan, Access Control Manager, King Architectural Metals

“I recommend BD Loops to all our customers and I have zero complaints. In fact I have customers whom will not use another product. The ease of installation and reliability of your product is a great asset to the industry.”
- Walter Aragon & Gloria Hearn, R&S Automation, Inc.

“As an access control installation and service company in Colorado, we encounter varying road surface conditions due to the fast changing weather. The encapsulated saw-cut loops reduce installation time and ensure that loop wires stay intact even when moisture creeps into the loop and freezes.

The TB-Kit saw-cut loop installation kit decreases the installation time and makes it virtually fool proof. Your preformed loops are the only loops we install when direct burial loops are required. Their rugged design and construction lend to longevity and durability. I would recommend any of your loops and products to all loop installers.”
- Alain Brule, General Manager, Western Access Control, Inc.

“I enjoyed meeting you at the OIS 2010. I have installed nothing but BD Loops ever since the class, and still have not had one problem. I am a believer in your product and I will continue to install BD Loops exclusively.”
- Jeff Poulin, C.A.G.O.I., Estimator, Taylor Fence Company

“The new BD Saw-Cut Air Cleaning Wand is a great tool for the job. It concentrates the air where you need it to remove dust and pebbles for a clean loop installation and at the end of the day makes quick work for dusting out the truck. I highly recommend this specialized tool.”
- Mark Gallinger, Production Manager, Mike’s Fence Center, Inc.

“I enjoy using your loops because they go in fast and they are extremely tough and very reliable. Sure – I maybe could save a $20 spot over a competitors loops, but the lead-in wires are so vulnerable to nicks and damage. Not so with BD Loops.”
- Tommy Hicks, Gates of North Georgia

“This was my first project that specidied a direct burial loop with detector. The response from BD Loops was not only immediate but incredibly educational. I know I have all the materials, tools and knowledge to provide the proper service for my customers loop detector needs. It’s been a pleasure dealing with an individual who is extremely knowledgeable in his craft! I look forward to the next project we can work together on.”
- Kirk J. Belanger, Commercial Estimator & Residential Sales Manager, American Overhead Doors, Inc.

“I would personally like to thank you and your company for the products, information, knowledge, and most of all the excellent service you have provided to our company.

Crawford Door Sales has been using your products for several years and we have been very pleased with everything we have ever purchased or received from BD Loops! One of the big reasons we have and will continue to do business with BD Loops is the product innovation we have come to rely and count on.”
- Scott Schults, Crawford Door Sales

"Thank you for your support with our training session. The support we got from BD Loops has worked excellent with our group and our Fence Contractors.

The reference materials and training props were great. We have been able to increase our sales and make the world a safer place when it comes down to the installation of Automated Gate Systems. We loop forward to a very long relationship."
- Danny D VanNatter, Manager, Stephens Pipe & Steel, LLC