Add Additional Layer of Protection to your Saw-Cut Loops
These three easy steps will add a whole additional layer of protection to your saw-cut loops.

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Want to add an additional layer of protection to your saw-cut loops?
Try this simple trick!

The yoke on a preformed loop is the area where the loop meets the lead-in, protecting the yoke is an important aspect of any loop installation. BD Loops Saw-Cut Loops are designed with a water-tight yoke seal. However, sealant can be used to create an additional water barrier by fully encasing the yoke in sealant. Water can cause loops to short to ground so any extra layer of protection to the loop is helpful in making loops last longer and preventing water damage.  

After laying out the loop and before you push the lead-in into the groove incasing the yoke in loop sealant will add an additional layer of protection for any loops you install.

It is important to note that a polyurethane or rubber-based sealant should be used for this trick, water/latex based sealants are prone to staying wet and conducting electricity which facilitates shorts to ground.

Examples of Polyurethane Sealants

Examples of Rubber-Based Sealants

Chemque  Q-SEAL™ 290S
Bondo® 575 Loop Sealant
BASF Gold Label Loop Sealant
Or compatible products

Ruscoe Permanent Sealer 974 Loop Sealant
3M Detector Loop Sealant 5000
Or compatible products





This simple trick can be done in a few minutes and adds an additional water barrier to your saw-cut loop.

Are You Using the V-Cut?

This is the best method for cutting the yoke point (The area where the loop meets the lead-in) The yoke point should be cut in a “V” Shape. This can be easily accomplished by making 2 slightly angled cuts in a “V” shape and popping out the asphalt or concrete using the clean-out hook.
The “V” Cut should be 8”-10” in length and 1.5” wide at its widest point.

The V cut will make it even easier to install BD Loops preformed Saw-Cut Loops. It accommodates taking up any excess loop into the lead-in. It also makes it easier to install cock-eyed loops, with a “V” cut you do not have to perfectly center the loop before pushing it into the groove.

Brian Dickson is the General Manager of BD Loops, a designer of preformed direct burial and saw-cut inductance loops for the gate, door, and parking industries. Brian holds certification as a CAGOI and is an IDEA Sanctioned trainer. With over 13 years in business the quality of BD Loops is unparalleled. BD Loops products are available through over 300 distributors in the U.S. and Canada. BD Loops offers 46 standard preformed loop sizes, all standard and custom loop sizes are ready to be shipped the same day. The company has several letters of recommendation testifying their professionalism and design, and is a member of the following associations: AFA, IDA, NOMMA, IPI, CODA, NAFCA, and IMSA. If you would like to speak to Brian Dickson please call BD Loops at 714-723-0946.