BD Loops Size Chart
A helpful chart that can help you pick the correct size loops for your application

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BD Loops Size Chart

How to read the chart:

For example, lets say you are looking for what size loops you need for an 18' Commerical Gate:

Size Chart Example
1. I have an 18’ Commerical Gate, so the first step is to find 18ft in the "Commercial" "Driveway width" collumn.

2. I move right across the chart until I come to the "Commerical" "Recommended loop size" collumn. I can see that the chart recommends that I use a 6’x14’ loop.

3. If I continue to follow the chart right I can see that BD Loops makes standard size 6’x14’ loops, and part numbers are listed. my choices are:

Direct Burial Loops - what is a direct burial loop?
EL 40-60 (6’x14’ loop with 60’ of lead-in)
EL 40-100 (6’x14’ loop with 100’ of lead-in)

Saw-Cut Loops - what is a saw-cut loop?
SC 40-50 (6’x14’ loop with 50’ of lead-in)
SC 40-100 (6‘x14’ loop with 100’ of lead-in)

I know that I am going to be saw-cutting in loops for this gate so I decide to go with SC 40-50's (6'x14' saw-cut loop with 50' of lead-in), I can now call my distributor and place an order for the exact size loops I need using the correct BD Loops part number.

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