How to Make a Preformed Saw-Cut Loop Fit Every Time
Getting a preformed (or prefab) saw-cut loop to fit is easier than most realize.

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As long as you are slightly conservative in your measurements BD Loops performed 3/16" Saw-Cut Loops will fit everytime!

When installing BD Loops preformed saw cut loops some installers fear that if the size of the pattern cut does not match the exact size the preformed loop, the loop will not work. Fear not! The loop experts at BD Loops have solutions to insure the loop will be a perfect fit for your next saw cut loop job.Make the groove smaller

Made the cut/pattern too Small?

You can't make the preformed loop any bigger, but you can make it smaller by using this trick. Push the yoke down the lead-in run towards the gate operator laying the loop wires side by side in the groove. Additional cutting to accommodate the width of two wires side by side may be necessary.

Made the cut/pattern too Large?

Once again, the loop cannot be made any bigger, to make the loop fit follow these
simple instructions: Cut the dog ear corner larger opposite of the yoke to make the loop's perimeter shorter. If the additional cutting made the pattern too small follow the previous



Here is a helpful visual that shows how to make a BD Loops Saw-Cut loop smaller:

Making the loop smaller













As you can see the loop can be pushed together and put into the lead-in run. You would need to make a wider cut for the lead-in (for just a foot or so) to accommodate the width of both sides of the loop being pushed into the groove.

If you find yourself cutting the same size grooves for most of you applications, you can save time when laying out your loops by making a template pattern.

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