Returns & Missing and Damaged Goods Policy

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BD Loops Distributor Return Policy

If you are not a BD Loops distributor you will need to contact the distributor you purchased our item from to begin a return.

If you are a BD Loops distributor you can find our return policy on our price list. If you need a copy of our latest price list or return policy please contact us.

Damaged and Defective Goods Policy

Occasionally, a product will be damaged in transit. Depending on the method of shipment we ask that you follow the appropriate procedure below.

Small Packages delivered by UPS

  • Perform a detailed product inspection and check contents against the packing slip.
  • If you discover missing or damaged items, accept the delivery and notify BD Loops customer service department immediately: 714-723-0946.
  • Do not discard any items; hold onto the original packaging and damaged items. UPS will require multiple photos* of the damaged items and box to file a damage claim and may collect the damaged items and packaging for inspection.
  • If damages are reported within 30 days, we can file a claim with UPS and work to resolve the issue.
*UPS wants the following 7 pictures when filing an investigation/claim:
  • A photo showing the damaged item and how it was packaged inside the box
  • A photo of the damaged item
  • A photo of the packaging material used
  • A close-up photo of the shipping label with tracking number (generally starts with 1Z)
  • A close-up photo of the box manufacturer’s certificate (round stamp on outside of box)
  • Two photos showing all six sides of the package (one showing top and two sides, another showing bottom and opposite sides)

Please understand that replacements or refunds can be hindered or denied if you fail to notify BD Loops of defective or damaged merchandise within 30 days business days of receipt.

Large package deliveries (LTL)

  • Immediate inspection is especially important when receiving large items/pallets from a common freight carrier. Many carriers have a short window for reporting and making damage or concealed damage claims.
  • It is important to note any damages or missing items on the bill of lading or receipt when signing for delivery, even if the packaging is only slightly damaged. Customers who sign for delivery and do not note “damage” assume responsibility for any damage that may exist and are unable to make claims against the carrier.
  • Take photos of the pallet and damaged packaging.
  • If the product appears significantly damaged, you may refuse delivery.
  • If you discover concealed damages stop unpacking the pallet and take photos and document the damages discovered.
  • Notify BD Loops immediately: 714-723-0946. We only have a short time to act on LTL damages. Please report visible damage immediately and concealed damages within 5 days.

We have had some underhanded experiences with common carriers hiding noted damage on BOLs when uploaded into their system. Please take detailed notes, take photos to document damages, and make copies of any BOLs with the damage clearly noted.

Please understand that replacements or refunds can be hindered or denied if you do not note damages on the signed bill of lading, or if you fail to notify us of defective or damaged merchandise immediately.


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