EZ Detector Checker





The E-Z Detector Checker is a miniature test loop that fits in your hand. Simply hook it up in place of the currently installed loop to quickly troubleshoot the detector, harness wire, and circuit board.


The E-Z Detector Checker tests the detector and harness wiring/circuit board loop connection.

How Does It Work?

Every time you approach a faulty loop system you have to ask yourself: Is it the detector, the harness wiring, the circuit board, or the loop?

Take the guess work out of your next servicing trip with the BD Loops E-Z Detector Checker. The only device of its kind that can help pinpoint what is causing the problem within a loop circuit.

The philosophy behind the E-Z Detector Checker is simple – Test the easy to replace components of a loop system first.

The E-Z Detector Checker tests the detector and connection point between the loop and the detector such as the harness wiring, expansion board, or main circuit board. Two of the three components in a loop circuit. Although the E-Z Detector Checker does not directly test the loop itself it will quickly eliminate the other suspects allowing a quick diagnosis of the system.

Faulty loops can’t be fixed, and they are the most difficult component of a loop system to replace. The E-Z Detector Checker allows you to test the rest of the loop circuit and be confident in your diagnosis.

Superior Features

· Unit is encased in a tough PVC shell.

· Clip leads store in the back of the unit.

· No batteries—unit is powered by the operator.

· Quickly test the detector module, harness wiring, and circuit board loop connections with the press of a button.

· Reduces the chance of cutting in a new loop when the real issue is the detector circuit or board.