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Installing Loops Under Pavers

Pavers can be difficult to install under because there are a variety of potential sub base types. To simplify paver installations and to give installers the best chances of success when installing under pavers we have divided paver applications into two types: Hard sub-base and soft sub-base.

Hard Sub-Base:

If the sub-base is concrete or a slurry or another material that is too hard to dig a trench into do not use a direct burial loop. Use a saw-cut loop, cut the loop into the hard sub base and seal it.

You never want to place a loop in the sand layer when the sub base is hard, what ends up happening is the loop is sandwiched between two hard surfaces which will lead to the loop being crushed and shorting to ground. A loop should never be placed in the sand paver base layer.

Soft Sub-Base:

If the sub base material is soft enough to dig a trench into, dirt, gravel, etc. Then trench that is 2” wide and 3” deep in the pattern of the loop. Place an inch of sand base down and then lay the loop in the trench and cover it with sand. The goal is to insulate the loop with sand to prevent any rocks from nicking the loop and possibly causing a short to ground. 

If you are installing a direct burial loop in a trench always run the lead-in through conduit. Conduit is an inexpensive way to add a lot of protection to the loop. We recommend running the lead-in through ½” schedule 40 or 80 rigid PVC. Glue all PVC Joints with a PVC solvent cement.

It is very important to follow the trench instructions when installing a Direct Burial Loop under pavers.

1. We recommend that a 2″ wide by 3″ deep trench be dug in the pattern of the loop.

2. Fill the trench with 1″ of sand and then place the loop on top.

3. Cover the loop and lead-in with 2 ½” of sand.

If you have any questions about installing loops under pavers please do not hesitate to contact BD Loops at: 714-723-0946.

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