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Loop Size Chart

How to read the chart:

For example, lets say you are looking for what size loops you need for an 18′ Commerical Gate:

2. I move right across the chart until I come to the “Commerical” “Recommended loop size” collumn. I can see that the chart recommends that I use a 6’x14’ loop.

3. If I continue to follow the chart right I can see that BD Loops makes standard size 6’x14’ loops, and part numbers are listed. my choices are:

Direct Burial Loops – what is a direct burial loop?
EL 40-60 (6’x14’ loop with 60’ of lead-in)
EL 40-100 (6’x14’ loop with 100’ of lead-in)
Saw-Cut Loops – what is a saw-cut loop?
SC 40-50 (6’x14’ loop with 50’ of lead-in)
SC 40-100 (6‘x14’ loop with 100’ of lead-in)

I know that I am going to be saw-cutting in loops for this gate so I decide to go with SC 40-50’s (6’x14′ saw-cut loop with 50′ of lead-in), I can now call my distributor and place an order for the exact size loops I need using the correct BD Loops part number.

BD Loops

The Loop Experts!

BD Loops was founded in 2001. Their preformed loops and accessories are designed with the installer in mind. BD Loops offers a complete loop system solution including preformed direct burial loops, preformed saw-cut loops, loop sealant, blades, testing devices, and installation tools. BD Loops has a reputation for reliability and ease of installation. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and their commitment to providing excellent customer service and support. BD Loops preformed loops are made in the USA at their facility in Placentia, CA.