BD-LG2 Gun




Dripless high quality 600ml dual cartridge dispensing gun for use with BD-LG2 2-part loop sealant.


Ideal for use with BD-LG2 (2-Part Loop Goop) winter blend/quick cure loop sealant.

Can be used with any 600 ml (22 floz) dual cartridges with 1:1 or 2:1 mix ratio.


Remove BD-LG2 cartridge D-shape plugs prior to use. Attach static mixer to the end of the cartridges and position static mixer in place. Insert cartridges into gun. Hold the gun vertically with static mixer pointing up gun the material a few times to release the air. Apply sealant to the saw-cut groove.

Superior Features

· Sturdy steel and aluminum construction.

· Dripless feature slightly pulls plungers back when
handle is released. This takes pressure off the
cartridges and helps prevents spills.

· Adjustable thrust gap for fine tuned bead control.

· For use with 600ml (22floz) dual cartridges in a 1:1 or 2:1 mix ratio.

· 26:1 Thrust ratio allows for easy use with high
viscosity compounds.


You can use any 600ml (300ml:300ml) dual cartridge dispensing gun with BD-LG2.

When the handle is released the plungers pull back slightly, which prevents or slows down the material from spilling out.