Winter Blend/ Quick Cure Sealant


Safety Data


BD-LG2 is a two component polyurethane detector loop sealant. It is designed for use in both asphalt and concrete pavement to provide a weather and chemical resistant waterproof seal.

BD-LG2 Detector Loop Sealant exhibits exceptional chemical resistance to de-icing salts (including 50% by weight potassium acetate), gasoline, hydraulic brake fluid, and motor oil. BD-LG2 requires no clean up since the mixing tips are disposable.


BD-LG2 is primarily used as a fast cure, protective seal for inductance loops installed in saw-cut slots. It may be used as a sealant for saw cut slots in concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Coverage Charts

Cut DepthCoverage Per TubeCoverage Per Case
1 ¼”18′216′
1 ½”14′168′

¼” Wide Blade/Groove

Cut DepthCoverage Per TubeCoverage Per Case
1 ¼”13′ 6″162′
1 ½”10′ 6″126′

Dispensing Gun

BD-LG2 is packaged in a 600ml dual cylinder cartridge (300ml:300ml). It requires a compatible dual cartridge dispensing gun to use.

We offer a high quality dripless dispensing gun: BD-LG2-GUN.


BD-LS will skin over in approximately 45 minutes at 70° F (21° C) and 50% relative humidity. Temperatures below 32°F (0°C) and/or low humidity will slow skin/cure time. Strength will start to develop immediately and continue increasing for 7 days after application. However, if groove is slightly under-filled traffic is permitted immediately after application. Not designed for installation in freezing temperatures. Use BD-LG2 for cold weather installations.


21 fl. oz. (600 mL) ratio pack tubes to be dispensed through a manual gun dispenser. Dark Gray Color Only.

Dispensing gun available: Part# BD-LG2-GUN

Superior Features

· Self leveling.

· Can cure in freezing temperatures.

· Quick cure when used in warm temperatures.
15 minute gel time in 60° F  (16° C) weather.
See “Gel Time” Chart on next page.

· 100% Solids, no shrinking occurs when curing.
Contains no solvents.

· Zero V.O.C.

· Static mixer included with every cartridge.

· Has no chemical reaction to asphalt or concrete and will not cause deterioration of the surface.

· Exhibits no bubbling or “mushrooming”.

· Low viscosity sealant, flows easily.

· 600ml dual cartridge dispensing gun available. Part # BD-LG2-GUN.


If groove is slightly underfilled (1/8″) traffic is permitted immediately after application. Slightly underfilling the groove is the ideal application method, it looks clean and keeps tires out of the sealant.

BD-LG2 will fully cure in 15 minutes or less if the ambient temperature is above 60° F.

The groove should be clean and dry (free of dust, water and ice) before applying BD-LG2. If the substrate is not dry or if it is coated with a thin layer of ice, the surface may be heated with a torch or hot air gun to dry.

BD-LG2 is a polyurethane loop sealant – which means it should not come in contact with water while curing. If BD-LG2 comes in contact with water off-gassing may occur which will result in air bubbles in the seal.

Our new single part loop sealant BD-LS high tech compound that doesn’t have an issue with water while curing – in fact it can cure underwater. However, BD-LS should not be applied in freezing temperatures.

1 year shelf life from date of manufacture. The manufacture date can be found printed on a sticker on the foil pouch. It can also be found on a sticker on each sealant case.

For maximum shelf life store in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.

BD-LG2 will cure in below freezing temperatures. The colder it is the longer it takes to cure, but unlike other loop sealants it will cure.

Gel Time in Saw-Cut Slot**

Temperature**BD-LG2 Gel Time
23° F (-5° C)120 minutes
41° F (5° C)45 minutes
59° F (15° C)15 minutes
Over 59° F (15° C)Less than 15 minutes
* 1″ deep x 1/4″ wide saw cut
** Temperature of material and substrate

BD-LG2 can be used at even lower temperatures, it will just take longer to cure. For reference BD-LG2 has been used in in below 0° F freezer warehouses and installed in the Arctic tundra.

For maximum shelf life store in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.