BD Loop Shield



Safety Data


BD Loops Shield is a tough, long lasting, flexible one-part moisture curing self-leveling hybrid sealant. BD-LS protects and shields inductance loop wire in concrete, asphalt, and other substrates. BD Loop Shield “BD-LS” is made using one of the most advanced, high performance polymer technologies available in sealants today.


BD-LS is designed to seal inductance loops installed in saw-cut slots. BD-LS exhibits excellent adhesion to concrete, asphalt,  paver stones, brick, and a variety of other substrates.

Coverage Charts

Cut DepthCoverage Per TubeCoverage Per Case
1 ¼”20′240′
1 ½”16′192′

¼” Wide Blade/Groove

Cut DepthCoverage Per TubeCoverage Per Case
1 ¼”15′180′
1 ½”12′144′


Carefully cut the tip off the cartridge just above the nozzle threads. Thread sealant tip onto cartridge and place into quart sized caulking gun. Sealant should be applied from the bottom of the saw-cut groove. Slightly underfill the groove to be within 1/8” (3.12 mm) of the surface to prevent vehicles from tracking sealant. For easier application, pneumatic and battery powered dispensing guns are available. Do not use high speed setting on powered dispensing guns.


BD-LS will skin over in approximately 45 minutes at 70° F (21° C) and 50% relative humidity. Temperatures below 32°F (0°C) and/or low humidity will slow skin/cure time. Strength will start to develop immediately and continue increasing for 7 days after application. However, if groove is slightly under-filled traffic is permitted immediately after application. Not designed for installation in freezing temperatures. Use BD-LG2 for cold weather installations.

Superior Features

· Self leveling.

· 100% Solids, will not shrink. No solvents.

· UV and weathering resistant.

· Does not bubble when exposed to water.

· Can be applied to damp/wet surfaces.

· Flat Sealant tip included with each tube of sealant.
Seal the groove in 1 pass from the bottom up!

· 30 fl oz. rigid plastic tube.

· V.O.C. and California Prop 65 compliant.

· Paintable.

· Resists yellowing.

· Available in Gray or Black.

· Made in the USA.


If groove is slightly underfilled traffic is permitted immediately after application. Slightly underfilling the groove is the ideal application method, it looks clean and keeps tires out of the sealant.

For best adhesion to the concrete or asphalt it is recommended that the groove be clean and dry before applying BD-LS.

Unlike other loop sealants, BD-LS does not have a negative reaction when it comes in contact with water while curing. BD-LS can even cure underwater. For best results and adhesion we recommend that there be no standing water in your saw-cut slots when BD-LS is applied.

1 year shelf life from date of manufacture. The manufacture date is printed near the top of each tube and can also be found on the sealant case.

For maximum shelf life store in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.

BD-LS is designed to hold up in freezing temperatures, but it is not designed to be applied while the temperature is below 32°F. Use BD-LG2 for cold weather installations.

For maximum shelf life store in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.