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Modify a Saw-Cut Loop to a Direct Burial Loop

BD Loops Saw-Cut loops are not designed to take the crushing pressure of direct burial applications. When a saw-cut loop is used in a direct burial application the yoke (black area where the loop meets the lead-in) may become crushed and damage the water tight seal. If you want to install a saw-cut loop in a direct burial application we recommend that you protect the area of the yoke using this modification.  This modification can be time consuming, it is often better to purchase the correct BD Loops direct burial loops that you need. This modification can only be preformed before the loop is installed. If you need to repair a loop you have previously installed follow the How to Repair a Crushed Saw-Cut Loop Yoke  instructions that can be downloaded at:                                               

You will need:

  • A 10” long piece of 1” PVC conduit (Schedule 40 or 80)
  • Plumbers Putty or electrical tape
  • A quick curing 2-part polyurethane sealant such as Chemque’s Q-Seal 295M.
  • Applicator Gun for the sealant.

Step 1:
Take the PVC conduit and pull it over the lead-in so that it is fully covering the yoke. (The black area where the loop meets the lead-in.)
Try to center the yoke in the conduit.

Step 2:
Use the plumber’s putty or the electrical tape and cap one side of the PVC pipe. We will be pouring loop sealant into the PVC conduit so try and create a seal that will not leak.

Step 3:
After one end of the pipe has been capped fill the pvc pipe with the loop sealant. Then prop up the PVC pipe so that it can cure. Check the putty seal after propping up the PVC pipe to make sure the potting mix will not leak out. Moving the PVC pipe may disrupt the seal.

Cure time for 2 part polyurethane sealants tend to range from 15minutes to an hour.

Step 4:
After the sealant has cured the loop is ready to install. Follow BD Loops Direct Burial Loop Installation Instructions when installing this loop. (You can download the direct burial installation instructions from our website:

You might want to add a 1” to 1/2” reducer coupler that will allow you to run the lead-in through 1/2” PVC  conduit from the yoke to the operator.

This modification is required to protect the yoke-area of a saw-cut loop in a
direct burial application
. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this modification  we tested a sample in water for over 24 hours.

BD Loops’ Direct Burial Loops are built with the yoke encased inside of durable PVC that can withstand crushing pressures.

BD Loops

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BD Loops was founded in 2001. Their preformed loops and accessories are designed with the installer in mind. BD Loops offers a complete loop system solution including preformed direct burial loops, preformed saw-cut loops, loop sealant, blades, testing devices, and installation tools. BD Loops has a reputation for reliability and ease of installation. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and their commitment to providing excellent customer service and support. BD Loops preformed loops are made in the USA at their facility in Placentia, CA.