Splice Kit




Sometimes making a splice is unavoidable, for those situations use BD Loops’ Splice Kit. The splice kit comes packed with direct burial rated double walled adhesive lined shrink tubing that is layered to make a durable watertight seal.


To repair damaged lead-in wire, or to extend (splice on) additional lead-in run. For use with BD Loops
Preformed 3/16”  Saw-Cut Loops.

Splicing Tips and Tricks

· In a pinch a lighter can be used to shrink the shrink tubing.

· Solder all connections.

· Round jagged pieces of solder with needle nose pliers before using Shrink Tube.

· Tape the wires down – this will free up both hands and make splicing easier.

· In a situation where the loop is damaged, it is better to install a new preformed loop. Splicing should only be done on the lead-in.

Splice Kit Includes

· (1) 6″, 1/2″ Adhesive Lined Shrink Tube

· (1) 4″, 1/2″ Adhesive Lined Shrink Tube

· (2) 3/16″ Adhesive Lined Shrink Tubes

· (3) Pieces of Glue Tape

Tools Required for Use (Not Included)

· Soldering Iron and Solder

· Heat Gun or Blowtorch (Heat gun is preferred as it is less likely to overheat the wire and shrink tubing).