Type B Lead-in




BD Loops Direct Burial and Saw-Cut loops are now available with optional twisted and shielded lead-in. Type-B lead-in helps prevent cross talk in installations where multiple leads will be run in the same conduit over long distances. This lead-in option is also ideal for applications where wires are required to be twisted and shielded.

This Cal-Trans Type-B wire was designed with inductance loops in mind. The high density polyethylene outer jacket and insulation create a very durable wire, ideal for direct burial installation. The shielding is made of Aluminum/Mylar Tape.

Cal-Trans Type-B wire is similar to IMSA 50-2 spec wire.

Type-B lead-in can be special ordered with any size loop.


Type B lead-in is ideal for applications where cross talk is a concern or for applications where twisted and shielded lead-in wires are specified.

Tips for Use

· To strip the outer jacket cut a small notch into the black outer jacket and pull the ripcord to slice through the outer jacket without damaging the insulated wires or mylar / aluminum shielding.

· Grounding the drain cable will shield against electrical interference, preventing signal degradation and ensuring better overall performance of the loop.

Type B Lead-In Features

· Tough and Durable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Outer Jacket and Insulation.

· Mylar / Aluminum Shield to prevent cross talk.

· Drain Cable that allows for effective grounding and noise reduction.

· Ripcord.

How to Order

Type B lead-in is a special order item that can be ordered on any size or type of loop. To specify a loop with Type B Lead-in please follow the directions below:

Type B Lead-in Part Number Guide:

Direct Burial Loop Example:
RL 24-40TypeB
This part number is for a 24′ perimeter direct burial loop with 40′ of Type B Lead-in. Simply add TypeB to the end of a direct burial loop part number and the lead-in will be made with Type B wire.

Saw-Cut Loop Example (2 Options):
SC 24-50TypeB
This part number is for a 24′ perimeter saw-cut loop with 50′ of Type B Lead-in. Simply add Type B to the end of a saw-cut loop part number and the lead-in will be made with Type B wire.

SC 24-10-50TypeB
This part number calls for a 24′ perimeter saw-cut loop with 10′ of saw-cut loop lead-in and 50′ of Type B lead-in. This is a common custom style request – if the customer knows that a certain length of lead-in will need to be saw-cut into the ground.